Centreville plans for filling superintendent position

An agenda regarding Centreville Public Schools and its permanent superintendent was established Monday.

Now that the district has secured junior high/senior high principal Chad Brady as interim superintendent through the end of July, board members are now turning their attention to filling the position permanently.

The board has retained the services of Patrick Kreger, a consultant with Michigan Association of School Boards. Kreger virtually joined the board Monday, and established a series of dates and other important steps in the district’s process to replace Stephanie Lemmer, who is leaving to take over the superintendent’s position at Pennfield Schools.

Kreger said he and the board will meet in person Feb. 14 to establish criteria selection. The posting will close April 5, followed by candidate selection and question selection April 11. Next, the first round of interviews will be April 23 and final interviews April 30.

The new superintendent will begin July 1. The district agreed to set the salary range from $110,000 to $125,000.

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