Proposals sought for ambulance service

White Pigeon Village President Tyler Royce last week said the municipality is seeking proposals from three different sources to provide ambulance service.

Near the conclusion of the village’s Jan. 19 meeting, Royce prefaced his report by saying White Pigeon currently has ambulatory service through Battle Creek-based LifeCare Ambulance.

He said Southeast Public Safety Authority, based in Cass County’s Porter Township, submitted a proposal of $490,000 to provide ambulance service through its agency. A six-way split of that amount is a little more than $80,000 annually per entity, comprised of Mottville, White Pigeon, Florence and Constantine townships, and Constantine and White Pigeon villages.

Proposals from Three Rivers and LifeCare are forthcoming, Royce said.

LifeCare is struggling with staffing and, as a result, its response times have consistently been in excess of a half hour, Royce said.

He said the village’s current subsidy is about $10,000. Royce noted the subsidy, no matter what decision is made about ambulance service in the future, could jump to as much as $60,000 annually, possibly even more.

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