Centreville plans for superintendent search

A small but critical step toward a permanent superintendent was taken Monday by Centreville Public Schools Board of Education members.

Board members worked with Patrick Kreger, a consultant with Michigan Association of School Boards, to go over one-on-one conversations and survey results.

Based on his experience, Kreger said Centreville can expect most applicants to be current building administrators interested in stepping up to the next professional level. He noted it’s unlikely the district will see applicants with a doctorate degree and it’s also possible most potential candidates will not have previous experience as a superintendent.

He also said the district can, in all likelihood, expect to interview as few as two and as many as six candidates.

Board president Jeff Troyer said he is eager to land someone willing to make a long-term commitment to Centreville. Board member Larry Walton echoed a similar sentiment about commitment to the community.

Troyer, meanwhile, said experience is not essential. The minimum education was identified as a master’s degree plus additional college credits would be ideal. Also, three or more years of experience as an administrator would be preferred but not required.

Centreville’s superintendent job listing will close April 5, followed by candidate selection and question selection April 11. Next, the first round of interviews will be April 23 and final interviews April 30.

The new superintendent will begin July 1. The district set the salary range from $110,000 to $125,000.

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