Out and About – Week of February7th

Since the Covid-19 breakout, we are all looking forward to getting Out and About and traveling again. Being able to travel throughout the USA is something we used to take for granted. Now we are all more cautious when planning our travel adventures. I doubt I’ll ever see Disney World or Disneyland again, because of having to deal with air travel and large crowds. For those willing to take a chance and see the good old US of A, here are five places to see, where it might not be as crowded as other memorable sights. These venues would probably be more interesting to those interested in military history:

U.S. Army Airborne & Special Operations Museum. Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this museum details the exploits of airborne and special ops soldiers, from the formation of the Parachute Test Platoon in 1940 through Korea, the Cold War, and the global war on terrorism. Admission is FREE

National WWII Museum. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this museum includes an original D-Day exhibit; nineteen immersive galleries covering the European and Pacific theaters; the Freedom Pavilion, which features U.S. Made aircraft, war vehicles and the submarine USS Tang. Tom Hanks also narrates the 4-D film “Beyond All Boundaries”. Ticket prices are $18 for active military and veterans, and FREE for WWII veterans.

Museum of the American Revolution. This museum is located near Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The museum explores the diverse people and events that led to America’s founding. This is done through four core exhibits, film and interactive displays. Ticket prices range from $13 to $21 and $18. for active military and seniors.

San Diego Air & Space Museum. This museum is located in Balboa Park in San Diego. If you are an aircraft “Nut” like me, you’ll especially enjoy seeing historical aircraft and spacecraft from all over the world. There are also simulators in the Kids Aviation Action Hangar. Ticket costs are $18 for retired military and seniors and FREE for active military.

National Veterans Memorial and Museum. This museum is probably the closest, because it is in Columbus, Ohio. The museum has fourteen themed alcoves of personal stories from veterans of all branches of the Armed Forces and all eras, both peacetime and wartime. Tickets are FREE for veterans, active military and Gold Star families.

In case you might be interested, here are some facts and figures you might want to know:

There are 856,479,620 undernourished people in the world.
There are 1,719,166,580 overweight people in the world.
There are 11,187 people who die of hunger in the world each day.
Is there anything we can do to change these figures?

The Stone House FREE Store is open only on Mondays and Fridays during during the month of February. The hours are still from 9AM until Noon. There is still a need for winter clothing for all ages. The FREE Store is located on the corner of Bennett and West Streets in Three Rivers. Masks are still required. If you don’t have one, a volunteer will gladly provide one for you.

“Everything in it is fine for the skin.” ~ BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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