Cass County man found guilty in fraud case

A Cass County man was charged with felony offenses following a multi-unit investigation.

Robert Zakrewski, of Jones, was found guilty of four felony charges, Cass County court officials said.

Zakrewski’s trial began Tuesday and he was convicted a day later of insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, and lying and conspiracy to commit lying to a police officer.

Testimony from Sgt.-Det. John Moore, of Michigan State Police, established Zakrewski admitted to knowing that his girlfriend’s son, Paul Potter, had taken his truck when he reported to the police and to his insurance company that the vehicle had been stolen.

The truck was located by police in St. Joseph County, and had been left in a desolate area and burned.

Moore interrogated Zakrewski after discrepancies in his claim were noted by police and the insurance investigator about how the truck was taken and, Zakrewski admitted that his girlfriend and her son had discussed getting rid of the truck.

He is scheduled for sentencing May 21.

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