Four local bridges are in need of upgrades

St. Joseph County Road Commission Manager John Lindsey said the agency has identified four bridges under its jurisdiction for potential funding from Michigan Department of Transportation.

The bridges are in need of upgrades and Lindsey said an application to the state agency as part of its “bridge bundling” program will soon be on its way to Lansing.

Lindsey said the four bridges are: Prairie Corners Road bridge over the St. Joseph River in Mendon Township, Farrand Road bridge over the St. Joseph River in Colon Township, and Carls Road and Fawn River Road bridges over the Fawn River in Fawn River Township.

Collectively, total cost of work for the four bridges is estimated to be in excess of $11 million, road commission officials said.

The road commission is prepared to match 10 percent of costs if any or all of the four potential projects are approved.

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