State border bills head to governor’s desk

Legislation that would outline Michigan’s role to formally establish — and permanently mark — the border between Michigan and Indiana, was approved by the Michigan House of Representatives Thursday.

Senate Bills 627 and 628, sponsored by Sen. Kim LaSata, would establish a state commission responsible for meeting with representatives from a similar body in Indiana to make recommendations on how to proceed with the borderline survey process.

While the survey is not expected to make major boundary movements, LaSata’s legislation, along with funding approved in the fiscal year 2022 budget, would fulfill Michigan’s obligations in the joint effort between both states to clearly outline and mark the borderline.

Borderlines unclear since the late 1800s have left both states facing legal difficulties over the years.

State responsibilities regarding invasive species and potential land developments, for example, have been complicated by the lack of a traceable borderline between the states.

The bills now go to Gov. Whitmer for final consideration.

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