Centreville school board approves adding new positions

Centreville school officials have authorized an additional three full-time employees.

The positions, approved by the district’s board of education Monday, will be in place at the start of the 2022-23 academic year. They are: elementary school dean of students, special-education teacher and high school music teacher.

Superintendent Chad Brady said a strong argument can be made to support the need for every position.

He said the key benefit of a dean of students would be the opportunity to relieve the principal of various duties, allowing the principal to spend more time serving as instructional leader.

Regarding the need for a fifth, full-time special-education teacher, Brady said the current caseload for the district’s two high school and two elementary school special-education teachers justifies the request.

The need for an additional music teacher, Brady said, is clear. He said music is the only special in which there is only one teacher for both buildings.

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