Out and About – Week of May 23rd

This coming Friday and Saturday, May 27 and 28, members of VFW Post 3019 will be at Harding’s Market, on West Michigan Avenue from 9 AM until around 4 PM. The veterans will have poppies and small flags available for a donation of your choice. Everyone should have a small flag to wave during the Memorial Day parade on Memorial Day, May 30. All donations will be used to assist those veterans in need.

Everyone loves a parade, so you’re all invited to come on out and be part of an American tradition. The American Legion Memorial Day parade will step off at 10 AM, Monday morning, May 30 from the intersection of North Main Street and Kelsey Street. The parade will move south to Michigan Avenue, where it will turn east, stopping at the Portage River bridge. There will be a brief ceremony after which it will continue east to Riverside Cemetery. A program will follow where the names of the veterans who passed this past year will be read.

Here are five more places in your home where germs love to live and breed:

Toothbrushes: If you visit your dentist at least twice a year, which is normal, after your cleaning, the hygienist usually gives you a new toothbrush. She/he does this with hopes that you will use the new toothbrush to replace the one you are currently using. Your toothbrush is like a condominium for germs. When replacing the toothbrush, take the toothbrush holder and run it through the dishwasher. If you have dentures, treat your denture bath and brush the same way.
Toilet: If you have an outhouse and no indoor plumbing, use a power-washer frequently. Otherwise, clean your toilet with a good brush and disinfectant, paying close attention to the area where the toilet meets the floor. Clean the toilet handle regularly, because people usually use it prior to washing their hands. Also, flush the toilet with the lid in the down position.
Laundry room: Run the washing machine in the empty cycle using hot water and a half cup of bleach about once a month, or every two weeks depending on your usage.
Waste basket: Regularly clean the kitchen and bathroom containers with soap and water or disinfectant. Using a plastic liner is highly recommended.
Friday the thirteenth isn’t always a “Bad Luck” day. On Friday, May 13, several students in the St. Joseph County Career & Technical Education (CTE) Construction Trades-Residential Building program, which is based in Three Rivers took first place in the Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society (MITES) Residential Construction competition. Their goal was to build a 4×4 playhouse in one day. Eight teams competed with four members on each team. However, only three members could be working at one time. OSHA was there to supervise. If any of the students did anything unsafe, that student was given a five-minute timeout.

Instructors were not allowed to supervise the construction and the judges were made up of professional building inspectors from throughout the state and business management people from MSU.

The junior and senior high students from St. Joe County came from Constantine, Mendon and Three Rivers. All had previous experience working with Habitat for Humanity. There was some power equipment used, but no air-guns. They had to use a regular hammer to pound the nails.

Our local team finished first in the competition, with the next team finishing one hour later. These young people have every right to be proud. CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF THEM!!

“All these years your skin has dried. Why not moisten up your hide. BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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