Out and About – Week of June 13th

As promised, here are the Scidmore Park Summer Programs for July. These programs will all take place in Scidmore Park, located at 112 Spring Street in Three Rivers. This is on the south side of Michigan Avenue, directly across from Three Rivers Fire Department, Station #2:

July 2: “Slime and Scales”. Check out the world of reptiles and amphibians. There will be live specimens to touch and hold. You’ll learn a few frog songs and learn more about wetland wildlife.
July 9: “A Heap of Sheep”. Jamie Cardella will bring some sheep friends with her for an educational and interactive experience.
July 16: “Ark Animal Encounters”. Everyone will be able to interact with a fine selection of exotic pets.
July 23: “Michigan Natural Resources”. The Kalamazoo Nature Center will help us discover some of our most important natural resources. Everything from water and timber to rocks and minerals. Where do they come from and how do we depend on them?
July 30: “Great Goats”. Once again, Jamie Cardella brings some friends with her. This time she will have some goats. Learn more about goats and their kids.
These FREE programs are held just outside the zoo gates in the pavilion on Saturdays from 1-2PM. In two weeks, I’ll let you know the programs for August.

Medicare is truly a blessing, but there are some things that Medicare doesn’t cover. They include:

Opticians and Eye Exams. Medicare does cover opthalmologic expenses such as cataract surgery, it doesn’t cover “Routine Eye Exams, Glasses or Contact Lenses”. There are some Medicare Advantage plans that do.
Hearing Aids. Medicare does cover ear-related medical conditions, but Medicare and Medigap plans do not pay for routine hearing tests or hearing aids.
Dental Work. Original Medicare and Medigap policies do not cover routine dental care, but some Medicare Advantage plans do offer dental coverage.
Overseas Care. Original Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans offer virtually no coverage for medical costs outside the United States. Some medigap policies do cover overseas medical costs.
Podiatry. Routine medical care for feet, such as callus removal, is not covered. Medicare Part B does cover foot exams or treatment if it is related to nerve damage due to diabetes, or care for foot injuries or ailments.
Cosmetic Surgery. Medicare doesn’t cover elective surgery, but will cover plastic surgery in the event of an accidental injury.
Chiropractic Care. Does not cover most services, or the tests that a chiropractor orders, including X-rays, but Part B does pay for one manual manipulation of the spine to correct a vertebral subluxation.
Nursing Home Care. Medicare will pay for limited stays in rehab facilities, but if you must move to an assisted living facility or nursing home, Medicare will not cover your custodial cost.
“The cannibals took just one view and said, He looks too nice to stew.” BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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