Out and About – Week of June 27th

A couple weeks ago, I let you know about the Summer Programs in Scidmore Park for the month of July. Here’s what you have to look forward to during August:

August 6: “Feathered Friends”. People from Sarett Nature Center will be on-hand to discuss what makes a bird a bird. Learn all about feathers, beaks, feet, nests, eggs, food, migration, songs, and camouflage.
August 13: DNR licensed animal rehab expert Patty Kloosterman will share what a wildlife rehabilitator does and things we can all do to help wildlife.
August 20: “Michigan Mammals”. Friends from the Kalamazoo Nature Center will be here to help us all learn more about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. They will do this by using actual animal artifacts. You’ll be able to observe and feel various animal furs and skulls and identify and differentiate various Michigan mammals.
August 27: “Who Eats Whom”. On this final Saturday of the summer, you’ll be able to join the Kalamazoo Nature Center and build a food chain from the ground up and follow the flow of energy from producers and consumers, as well as from sunlight to soil. You just can’t get all this free stuff sitting on your couch playing a video game.
This will be the final program for the summer, but the Petting Zoo will remain open through the third of September. Just another FREE thing to experience right here in Three Rivers.

It’s difficult to enjoy a box of popcorn at the movies without a nice cold carbonated beverage. Ice cold water just doesn’t cut it, although it would be better for you. Dr. Tim Spector was quoted as saying “A sugary beverage now and then is OK as a treat. But on a regular basis, the sugar rush is far too rapid for our bodies to handle.” My doctor has told me more than once that everything should be taken in moderation. Here are five ways to cut down on those sugary drinks:

Swap sparkling water for sugary soda.
Brew your own iced tea.
Flavor your water. Sliced fruit or calorie-free powders gives water some taste.
Snack on fruit. Replace juices with whole fruits, especially citrus fruits and berries.
Don’t drink away stress. If you are in need of an energy rush, consider physical or mental exercise.
Next Monday is the fourth of July, which means that this coming weekend will be a busy day for traveling. If travel is in your weekend plans, please travel safely and take along plenty of patience. Also remember my annual Fourth of July quote, “He who comes forth with a fifth on the fourth, may not come forth on the fifth.” Also please remember that because July 4 is a holiday, your garbage will be picked up one day later.

“If harmony is what you crave, then get a tuba.” BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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