Paperwork filed to recall White Pigeon village president

Language to recall White Pigeon Village President Tyler Royce has been submitted to the St. Joseph County Clerk’s office.

Jerry Kash filed the paperwork Thursday in the office of county clerk Lindsay Oswald. Kash alleges Royce has compromised ethics, and used municipal equipment and employees to perform personal work outside the realm of village-related duties.

Ultimately, Kash hopes to recall Royce from the position Royce has held the past five-plus years.

Whether Kash is able to proceed with the recall petition is contingent on results of a clarity/factuality public hearing. It is scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. June 16 in Courtroom B at the county courthouse in Centreville.

The three-person St. Joseph County Election Commission will ultimately decide whether Kash’s allegations have merit. If so, he will then be allowed to proceed with attempting to collect at least 108 signatures of registered voters residing in the village of White Pigeon.

The election commission is comprised of Oswald, Probate Court Judge David Tomlinson and Treasurer Kathy Humphreys.

Kash alleged Royce has used village staff and equipment for personal benefit.

Royce, meanwhile, said Kash’s business has been cited for a lengthy list of code violations and, Royce speculated, Thursday’s action was done out of retaliation.

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