Out and About – Week of August 29th

I am not a big fan of bridges, especially high bridges, such as the “BIG MAC” near Mackinaw City. Every Labor Day, many Michiganders brave the heights and walk the five miles across the Straits of Mackinaw. You should be in pretty good shape and not afraid of heights as you walk across the structure that at times moves a little due to the wind.

If you’re not a big fan of heights and not in the best of shape, you can still walk the many bridges right here in Three Rivers. Just about every time you cross a bridge here, you enter another one of the four districts. Next Monday, September 5, is Labor Day, so everyone is invited to join their neighbors in the Twelfth Annual Labor Day Bridge Walk. Sponsored by the Three Rivers Woman’s Club, the walk will begin at 9AM and will go until noon. As you cross over the bridge, thank the ladies for all they do for the Three Rivers community.

School has already started here in St. Joe County. In past years, school didn’t start until after Labor Day. With school already in session, it means that school buses are already on their routes. Please remember to watch for the signal lights on the buses. A flashing red light means to stop where you are. It doesn’t mean to slow down and pass the bus with caution. The bus driver will let you know when it is your turn to proceed. Also, we should all pay close attention to the speed in school zones.

One more thing about Labor Day next Monday. Everyone’s garbage will be picked up one day later because of the holiday. It will be interesting to see how many folks will go to the post office, only to find that it is closed.

Finally, for those stylish gentlemen out there, remember to put away those white shoes after Monday. It’s just not considered stylish to wear them after Labor Day.

For the next several weeks, I’ll share some names of items you might not know had names. Here are the first five:

Glabella: This is the space between your eyebrows.
Petrichor: The aroma in the air after a rainfall.
Aglet: The plastic or metallic coating at the end of a shoelace.
Warnble: The rumbling sound from your stomach. Some folks say that this is the sound of your bowels moving around.
Vagitus: The cry of a newborn baby.
You might want to keep this list handy for the next time you play Scrabble.

With all consumer products going up in price, you might want to check out these three items you can make yourself and save some money:

Window Cleaner: Mix two cups of water with half a cup of distilled vinegar and ten droops of any essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake before using.
Oven Cleaner: Mix two cups of baking soda with three quarters cup of water. Scrape off the sides and bottom of the oven with a wooden spatula, then spread this paste over the inside of the oven. Let it stand overnight, then clean with a sponge.
Garden Fertilizer: If you have a fish tank and are thinking of replacing the water, take the dirty water and spread it on your garden. No fish tank? Take a five-gallon bucket and fill it with weeds. Cover the weeds with water and place a lid on the bucket. Let it stand for a few weeks, then spread the water on your plants.
Three more money-saving ideas next week.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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