Out and About – Week of September 5th

Three more ways to save money by making something yourself:

Campfire starters: Stuff wads of dryer lint into paper egg cartons. Break up leftover candle ends and melt them over low heat. Pour the wax over the lint and let it cool. Cut the egg carton compartments apart. When you are ready to start a fire, set a compartment under some kindling and light with a match.
Mouthwash: Place about six sage leaves in an empty mouthwash bottle. Dissolve one teaspoon of Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt in five ounces of boiling water and pour in the bottle over the leaves. Use daily after brushing your teeth. It seems a lot of work, but if you have really bad breath, it’s all worth it.
Bath Oil: Add a few drops of your favorite perfume or cologne to one quarter cup of baby oil. Shake it up and add it to your bath. If you don’t take baths, add the mixture to your outside birth bath. Your feathered friends will love it.
Here are five more names of things you might not know had names:

Tines: These are the prongs on a fork.
Phosphenes: The sheen or light you see when you close your eyes and press your hands on them.
Box Tent: The tiny plastic table placed in the middle of a pizza box.
Overmorrow: The day after tomorrow.
Minimus: Your tiny toe or tiny finger. This is sometimes referred to as the “Tiny Piggy”. It went “Wee Wee Wee” all the way home.
Next Sunday, September 11 is truly a day of celebration. Most of us fly the Stars and Stripes every day of the year, but this Sunday we should all display Old Glory, because it is Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance. There won’t be any mail delivery, because the post office is closed. After all it is Sunday. It’s also Grandparents Day. If your grandparents are still living, be sure to let them know just how much they are appreciated. Spend some time with them and listen to their words of wisdom. Who knows, you might learn something.

Next week, September 14, marks the 208th anniversary of the writing of our “Star-Spangled Banner”. Thank you Mr. Francis Scott Key for your talent of putting together a song that we should all stand for and recognize.

A few words to think about during your time of meditation:

Solve problems instead of making them worse.
Enjoy what you have; let the fool hunt for more.
A person is not deceived by others, he deceives himself.
You do not know you’ve learned something until after the fact.
“Fingers were made before brushes…Use ’em…They’re much safer, you can’t lose ’em”

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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