Restoration of White Pigeon building begins

The first step toward a major project in White Pigeon was taken Monday, as a five-member team from Kalamazoo-based Building Restoration Inc. started its work toward restoration of the old Tasty Nut Shop building.

Built in the 1850s, the three-story, brick building at the southeast corner of Kalamazoo Street and U.S. 12 has been condemned due to unstable foundation and loose bricks.

Crews on Monday successfully placed a net-like covering over the southwest corner of the building to contain the loose bricks.

Patricia Ort, a member of the Union Hall Block Building Inc., owner of the historic structure, said workers will now spend the rest of the week stabilizing the foundation of the building. The process is expected to be finished next week.

The netting and stabilization completes the scope of work by Building Restoration Inc. Its work on the project will cost about $50,000.

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