Crossroads Mall searches for road repair assistance

Crossroads Mall in Portage is searching for assistance with funding to fix the crumbling roads surrounding the mall.

Kalamazoo-based WWMT recently reported on the pothole-riddled state of the circular road, sharing that mall owners are turning to Kalamazoo Metro Transit for help with the estimated $700,000 project.

Buses travel nearly 800 routes a week along Ring Road, surrounding the mall, according to Marni Sawicki, general manager of Crossroads Mall. Sawicki believes the buses are a major contributor to the deterioration.

Kathy Schultz, planning and development manager at Metro, believes bus service is an asset to the mall. Metro Transit, however, is not interested in paying for the repairs, according to Schultz.

According to Schultz, if Metro can’t come to a what is called a reciprocal easement agreement, Metro would have to move its stops off the mall’s property.

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