White Pigeon board recall invalid

An attempted recall of the five-member White Pigeon Township Board is no longer valid due to timing.

With less than a year before their terms on the board expire, supervisor Don Gloy, treasurer Trudy Gloy, clerk Lacie Pletcher, and trustees Jean Tefft and Vince Schroen, will not be subject to a recall.

County clerk Lindsay Oswald said state law prohibits a recall during the first and final 12 months of an elected official’s four-year term. In the case of the White Pigeon Township Board, their terms expire Nov. 20, 2024.

In order for the matter to move forward, a petition featuring signatures from at least 380 registered voters who reside in White Pigeon Township was needed. The petition was never turned in to the county clerk’s office before the Nov. 20 deadline, Don Gloy said.

Gloy, who said he plans to run for a final four-year term in 2024, said he regrets the time and legal expense the matter cost township residents.

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