Out and About – Week of January 15th

You don’t need to travel far to find a “Pot Shop”. It’s legal to use cannabis here in Michigan and several other states, although the Federal Government doesn’t agree. The state feels that it is another way of gathering taxes. As a result, our schools and roads will benefit.

Smoking cannabis, like regular smoking is not good for us. How about cannabis-infused gummy bears? The effect of an edible cannabis can come on in one to two hours after consumption. Because of this, it can be easy to over-consume, which could result in increased anxiety, palpitations and fatigue. If you choose to smoke a joint, the effect is pretty much instantaneous, and one can easily decide whether or not to keep inhaling. Also, you will typically feel the effects of a joint for two to four hours, while gummies’ effects can linger for six to eight hours. The most important thing to remember when using cannabis is to buy only from legally licensed dispensaries. Smoke or eat responsibly.

Everything in moderation is something we should all remember, especially when it comes to eating. Last week I mentioned how donuts aren’t the best thing to eat for breakfast. What I’m referring to is a donut or donuts and coffee every morning do not make for a good breakfast. The same can be said for pancakes. There are some good reasons why you shouldn’t be eating them every morning. First of all, pancakes are usually high in sugar and calories, which can give you an energy crash later in the day. Another reason to avoid pancakes for breakfast on a regular basis is that they tend to be heavy and greasy, which can make you feel lethargic and sluggish. I won’t even go into adding syrup and butter, because you’re adding even more sugar and fat to your first meal of the day.

My mother would disagree about what I’ve just mentioned. If we were traveling, she would suggest I order pancakes for breakfast. Her reason, “Pancakes will stick to your ribs.”

Now that we have received the second storm of the winter, here are several things we must pay attention to, regarding our safety and well-being.

We must adjust our driving habits. Slow down when road conditions aren’t the best.
Keep the fluid levels in the vehicles up so that we aren’t caught with an empty fuel tank or a windshield that is impossible to see through. You can’t have enough of that blue stuff in your windshield washer reservoir. Keep an extra container in the garage.
Allow your car a few extra moments to warm up. This gives you time to clear your windshield and lights.
Make sure your snow blower is ready with a full fuel reservoir.
If you need to shovel the snow, don’t overdue it. Take breaks, or have the neighbor kid help you out. It’s easier to give him/her a few bucks than to pay for a visit to the emergency room.
If you are advised to stay home and off the roads, do so. It will give you a chance to take care of some of those “Honey-Do” things on that list.
If you are on the road, take along some extra patience for those idiots who think they can handle all driving skills.

“If a man hasn’t found something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Martin Luther King Jr.


Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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