County prosecutor alleges assistant prosecutor made false statements

St. Joseph County Prosecutor David Marvin alleges a former assistant prosecutor made false, evasive and misleading statements at least eight times during a January proceeding in District Court.

The claim was made in a three-page report Marvin submitted last week regarding his dismissal of Deb Davis. The report was turned in to the Michigan Bar Grievance Commission and obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

In his report, Marvin provided several examples of alleged wrongdoings, referring to Davis’ actions as evasive/misleading and lying by omission.

The issue stems from a Jan. 16 preliminary exam before District Court Judge Jeff Middleton. Marvin claimed Davis made a false statement, allegedly declining to tell Middleton she had released the victim from her subpoena.

Davis said Marvin indicated he completed an investigation into the matter, yet she was never interviewed to provide her side.

Davis has announced her candidacy for prosecutor, while Marvin recently stated he is seeking re-election to the four-year post. The primary election is Aug. 6.

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