Local residents celebrate leap year birthdays

It’s a special day for a Three Rivers woman, observing a significant event for only the 11th time in her life.

Nicolette Cole is celebrating her birthday today. She defied considerable odds and was born on Leap Day back in 1980.

Despite it being just her 11th birthday, she is 44 years old.

Cole was Nicolette Hummel when she grew up in Centreville and attended its schools through her sophomore year.

In the days leading up to her birth, Cole said her parents were more focused on a name than on the improbable reality of being born on such a unique date.

For her 11th birthday today, Cole said her husband, David, has been tight-lipped about plans.

Other local people celebrating a Leap Day birthday include Three Rivers-area residents Eddie MacKay and Kristen McEnroe, Phil Kline of Kline’s Resort and Sturgis resident Rebecca Layton.

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