Out and About – Week of February 12th

This Saturday, February 17, the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce will host “Ice Breaker 2024”. This is the twenty-second annual ice breaker held by the Chamber. The Ice Breaker will be held at the Armstrong Recreation Hall, located at the corner of Armstrong Boulevard and Maple Street in Three Rivers, and is open to the public. The fun begins at 7 PM. Cost is $20/person and includes food, beverages and the Silent Auction Fundraiser. For advance tickets, phone the Chamber at (269) 278-8193, or you can pay $30 at the door.

For an evening snack, I enjoy a small dish of yogurt or cottage cheese. Add a few blueberries and you have one tasty treat that’s also good for you. I’m not sure what kind of yogurt we have in the fridge. There’s Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is thicker, because whey, the watery liquid you see at the top of regular yogurt, is removed from the Greek variety through a straining process. The result gives Greek yogurt a creamier consistency.

Both Greek and regular yogurt have a distinct nutritional profile, and the choice between them depends on your nutritional goals. Whether you enjoy Greek or regular yogurt, they both provide a good source of protein, calcium, and B vitamins. Research has shown that eating yogurt, lowers the risk of breast and colon cancer, type II diabetes and heart disease. It also helps one to maintain a healthy weight. It’s always a good idea to check out the ingredients on all consumable products.

You know that tingly feeling you get when you like someone? That’s your common sense leaving your body.

If you’ve never heard of a “Solar Winter”, let me educate you just a little. Technically, solar winter ends on February 5. This is the darkest quarter of the year with the least amount of daylight for the Northern Hemisphere. It lasts from November 5 to February. After the end of solar winter, the Northern Hemisphere enters the time of year when the sun’s rays are getting stronger. Until April, day length across the Northern Hemisphere will grow at its quickest rate. It sort of explains why it was darker until the first day of February. The sun was a welcome sight to behold.

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but no vision.” ~ Helen Keller

A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. A soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.

Valentine’s Day is this week. A nice Valentine is always appreciated by your loved one. Flowers are also appreciated, but don’t wait too long. If you have flowers delivered, you’ll really be appreciated. A box of chocolates might not be appreciated so much, so be careful.

When Valentine’s Day became popular in the Middle Ages, the climate was warmer than it is now. Birds mated, flowers bloomed, and love blossomed. If it had been wintry weather, would this holiday still be the same today?

Chaucer, widely considered the greatest poet of the Middle Ages, associated the feast of St. Valentine with the mating impulses of birds, which were thought to begin looking for their mates on February 14.

Indeed, the feast of St. Valentine has been associated with love since the Middle Ages.

I feel that we should all show a little more love for each other starting this Valentine’s Day.

S H A L O M!!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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