Out and About – Week of February 5th

In past columns, I’ve mentioned a few household hints. I even listed other uses for coffee filters other than the normal use of filtering the coffee in your coffee maker. Dryer sheets also have other uses than making your clothes smell nice after removing them from your dryer. If you normally throw away those dryer sheets after each load, you might want to save them for any of the following uses:

Picking up pet hair. If your dog or cat likes to lay on the furniture, you are familiar with the task of cleaning up that hair on a regular basis. Try rubbing a dryer sheet over your furniture. Not only will it pick up that loose fur, but it will also leave behind a subtle scent. Once it has absorbed all of the hair, simply toss out the dryer sheet.
Removing musty odors. Whether you’re at home or staying in someone else’s house, finding smelly rooms can be quite unpleasant. All you need to do is place some used dryer sheets in the problem areas, like under beds or in drawers. The sheets will absorb any damp smells. If you’re staying in someone else’s house, you might not want to do this for fear of embarrassing your host. A better idea would be to keep them handy if you own a getaway cabin.
Keeping your shoes smelling fresh. If you’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes all day long and for several days in a row, they might start to smell a bit funky. The cure would be to place a new or used dryer sheet in the shoes until you wear them again.
Clearing the accumulated dust off of furniture. Simply take an old dryer sheet and wipe it over any surface that is dusty. The dust will stick to the sheet instead of getting all-around the house.
Keep some dryer sheets in the bathroom. After taking a shower, use a dryer sheet to wipe down the shower curtain or door. The sheet will absorb all of the soap scum, and the curtain or door will look good as new. It will also make the shower curtain smell fresh and clean. A dryer sheet can also be used to clean that bathroom mirror. It’s best to use it when the mirror fogs up from the steamy shower. You don’t want to forget the chrome fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. Using a couple of dryer sheets can be more cost-effective than many cleaning products.
A reminder about the 22nd Annual Chamber of Commerce Ice Breaker 2024. It’s coming up Saturday, February 17, at 7 PM at the Armstrong Recreation Hall, located at the corner of Armstrong Blvd and Maple Street in Three Rivers. This event is open to the public and features a Silent Auction Fundraiser. The cost is $20 per person and includes food and beverages. Advance tickets can be purchased through the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce office by calling (269)278-8193. If you decide to purchase tickets at the door, the cost is $30 per person.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading today.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” – Mark Twain


Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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