Out and About – Week of April 1st

April doesn’t have any federal holidays, but it does have several days that are worth mentioning. April 15 is “Tax Day”. It’s the last day to have your tax return postmarked. Right now, you still have a week or so to get your return filed. If you ignore this, you will eventually get a letter informing you that you are delinquent in filing your 2023 return. All you need to do is reply back and let the IRS know that you evidently just forgot. They can be quite understanding, so I’ve heard.

Passover begins at sundown on Monday, April 22. Shalom.

April Fools’ Day happens this week. There have been questions on how to properly write April Fools’ Day. Some write it April Fool’s, but if you know your apostrophes, then you know that putting the apostrophe after an “S” means it’s plural. Remember, there isn’t just one fool on this day; there are many pranksters running around. You can find quite a few in Washington, D.C.

The timing of April Fools’ Day is suspiciously close to the Vernal Equinox. This year, it fell on March 19. It is the time of year when Mother Nature is known to play tricks on us all with unpredictable changes to the weather. Here are three examples:

In 1923, temperatures reached -34 degrees F in Bergland, Michigan.
In 1960, up to 10 inches of heavy snow fell in eastern South Dakota causing some highways to close due to difficulty plowing the heavy snow.
In 1997, a blizzard from Maryland to Maine resulted in power outages and roads impassable. East Jewett, New York recorded 37 inches and 25.4 inches fell in Boston, Massachusetts.

The American Red Cross will hold a blood drive on Wednesday, April 10, at the JOCO Center next to Kadant-Johnson, on Wood Street in Three Rivers. The hours of the drive are from 11:30 AM until 5:15 PM. St. Joseph County is in desperate need of blood, so make the time to go in and donate. Someone you love dearly, may be the next one who needs the blood.

I recently visited my dentist for my semi-annual cleaning. I’m always happy when I leave the dental office. My mouth feels fresh and I usually leave with a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. The toothpaste is a smaller tube, which makes it ideal for packing in the toiletry kit when traveling. I have difficulty getting rid of my old toothbrush, so I find another use for it. Here are just a few ideas you might find valuable when it comes to switching out that useful bathroom device:

When dyeing your hair. Have you ever dyed your hair at home and found that the brush’s bristles were too stiff or that the dye didn’t want to stay on the brush? If so, you might try using an old toothbrush instead of a traditional hair dye brush. The softer bristles of the toothbrush will be gentler on your scalp, and the small head will help ensue that the dye is evenly through your hair.
Clean your shoes. It’s incredible how much dirt and grime our shoes can accumulate after just a few days of wear, especially if you wear white tennis shoes. All you need is an old toothbrush and some mild soap. First, remove any loose dirt with the brush, then wet the bristles and add some soap. Gently scrub the surface of your shoes, paying particular attention to any areas that seem especially dirty. Rinse the soap off with water and allow your shoes to air dry.
Check out this column for more helpful hints in following weeks.


Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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