4-H group places flags for Memorial Day

Several members of a local 4-H group took part in a volunteer project completed just before Memorial Day.

Edward Klein, leader of the Mendon Green Clovers, said about a dozen members helped place flags at Mendon’s two cemeteries in advance of the Memorial Day holiday. Klein, who took over the Mendon club about a year ago, said he is eager to get the 4-H members further involved in the community and St. Joseph County.

Klein said he oversaw a group that helped complete the task at Mendon Township Cemetery and St. Edward’s Cemetery by putting American Flags on veterans’ graves.

Klein estimated a total of about 75 flags were placed in holders. Klein said club members range from 6 to 15 years of age.

Klein said he hopes the project provided the youngsters a newfound understanding and level of respect for veterans.

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