Out and About – Week of June 17th

The Big Mac opened for traffic in 1957. This meant you could drive directly from the lower peninsula of Michigan to the upper peninsula. You no longer had to wait hours to get on the ferry that transported everyone between the two parts of Michigan. If you ever had the experience of taking that ferry and miss that experience, you can still travel by ferry, but you have to do so from Ludington, Michigan or Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

The S.S. Badger is the last coal-fired passenger steamship still operating in the United States. This 410-foot ship can accommodate 600 passengers and 180 vehicles. The S.S. Badger only operates from June through early October. The Badger is registered as a historical site in both Michigan and Wisconsin. In 2016, she received the nation’s highest historic honor when she was officially designated as a National Historic Landmark, which made her the only National Historic Landmark that moves.

Should you decide to make this excursion a family event this summer, you’ll be glad that it has something for every member of the family. They have FREE Badger Bingo, onboard movie lounges, and for the kids, they have play areas and arcade games. There are plenty of onboard bars and restaurants, plus a gift shop. If you prefer, you can just relax on the deck and take in the sights of Lake Michigan.

For more information, please visit their website at ssbadger.com, or go to Facebook and visit/ssbadgerferry.

Pickleball is quickly becoming a popular sport for people of all ages. If the game interests you, and you would like to learn to play the game, stop by the Three Rivers Commission (COA) on Aging on Tuedays at 10AM. The COA is located at 1200 West Broadway, in Three Rivers. Volunteer instructor Kathy Kelly will teach you the rules of the game, plus provide a few pointers on how to play. To sign up, call the COA at 269-279-8083.

As we age, we become more likely to be in need of various medical equipment. You’ll be happy to know that the COA has a “Medical Loan Closet”. Medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower benches, and toilet risers are available at no charge. Please contact the COA at 269-279-8083 for more information.

We don’t have a garden, but we do enjoy a nice salad during the summer months. You don’t need a garden to grow many herbs. You can grow them in pots on your patio if you like. Here are two herbs that can flourish in a flower pot:

— Basil. You’ll need some organic potting soil in a pot at least eight inches in diameter. You’ll want to keep it indoors until overnight temperatures are above 50 degrees. This plant will grow well with six to eight hours of daily sunlight. Keep the soil moist. Once it flowers, it kind of stops producing leaves, so you want to always prune off flowers to encourage more leafy growth.
— Rosemary. You will need a pot at least 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep, with a drainage hole. For soil, use a 50-50 mix of potting soil and cactus mix soil. It can grow near a window, but it’s better to place it outside during the day. Rosemary loves a good six to eight hours of direct sunlight. You only need to water the plant once a week, because it likes to dry out between waterings.
S H A L O M!

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