Conviction stands for man who found cop’s gun in restroom

The Michigan appeals court has affirmed the conviction of a northern Michigan man who kept a state trooper’s gun that was found in a grocery store restroom.

Authorities say Tim Flanagan of Kalkaska County knew the gun probably belonged to an officer when he found it at a Glen’s store in 2013. Police investigating an unrelated matter many weeks later learned about the pistol from Flanagan’s wife.

Flanagan testified that he found the gun on top of a toilet paper dispenser and took it home for safety. He was convicted of concealing a stolen firearm and sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Flanagan contends the gun wasn’t stolen. But the appeals court this week said he knew it belonged to someone else.  (AP)

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One comment

  1. Sure doesn’t seem right…
    what about the cop who lost/left his gun.
    So, if I find a penny on the ground that someone dropped and I pick it up…I’m now a thief?

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