Sheriff’s Department warning of phone scam

The St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department is advising the public to be aware of a phone scam reported this week by a Fabius Township resident.
Deputies were dispatched Tuesday to the 56000 Block of Shady Lane for a complaint regarding fraud.
The victim told authorities she was contacted over the phone and told she and her spouse were being pursued by law enforcement – including the Drug Enforcement Agency – for three felonies related to wire fraud from PNC Bank.
The victim advised deputies that the callers were believable and even transferred her to three different people pretending to be supervisors and police officers.
Citizens should be reminded that law enforcement will not contact people over the phone in an attempt to receive money or inform about warrants.

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  1. My friend used to receive a similar phone call. Her mother picked up the phone where the con artist told her that friend was engaged in several criminal activities. Fortunately, her mother didn’t believe it, instead she yelled at the scammer telling them to get away from her families and never try to contact her anymore. LOL
    If you ever got this kind of nuisance call, you might want to give it a try too. At least you can release your stress to the right person. However, you always have to remember not to give out any personal information to the caller or even more than that. Don’t forget to also report it to and FCC.

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