County Commission approved contracts for grant writer

Two governmental entities have renewed their agreement with St. Joseph County regarding the use of its grant writer.
County Commissioners last week approved contracts with the village of Centreville and Park Township for grant-writing duties by James Hissong. The entities agreed to pay about $69,000 each for Hissong’s services.
County administrator Pat Yoder said Hissong and county clerk Lindsay Yoder, who was grant writer the first half of the year, together secured nearly $2 million in benefit grants in 2015.

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  1. The entities agreed to pay about $69,000 each for Hissong’s services.

    $138,000 for a grant writer? Actually more since the County pays him more for the same service!

    Many of the grants that have been awarded throughout the county have had little substantive benefit to the citizens, but the local politicians love to parade their capture of tax money, that’s what grant money actually is, for facades as a great victory.

    This only points out how financing government has turned from reasoned resource distribution to a “Queen for a Day” mentality.

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