No urban chickens in Constantine

Members of the Constantine Village Council voted earlier this month against urban chickens being raised inside the village limits.
At several meetings this year, the council discussed an ordinance allowing urban chickens stemming from a June 20 discussion with Charlie and Beth Cauffman. They requested to keep up to six chickens in their yard.
Then, Jeff and Nancy Cale in August asked to continue keeping two urban chickens at their home. They said their hens were pets and the eggs necessary for an organic diet for their son, who has Lyme disease.
Trustee Cathy Piper said she was raised on a farm and chicken feed attracts rodents and predators. Several council members agreed.
Village manager Mark Honeysett said his major concern was setting a precedent.

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  1. For being a rural farming community Constantine seems to be a late (or non-existent) adopter. Get with the program Constantine. Do a little research on other communities that have urban chicken ordinances. I know that involves actually doing some work and using your brain but I’m guessing you all have them. Also, Cathy Piper – stating something as fact doesn’t make it true. I know Trump got away with it but you don’t get that free pass.

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