Commissioners revise citizen comment rules

Anyone wishing to address the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners now has one fewer opportunity per meeting.
Following brief discussion Tuesday, the five-member panel approved a revision to the rules that spell out protocol at the commissioners’ twice-a-month meetings.
A bylaw approved in 1994 that allowed for citizen comment twice a meeting – once near the onset and again toward the conclusion – was amended. Now, the opportunity to speak toward the start of the meeting will be off future agendas.
As part of the action taken Tuesday, an allocation of four minutes per person will be allotted during citizen comments. Prior to the amendment, citizens were afforded three minutes per occasion.
Commissioner Kathy Pangle said citizens will now have two fewer minutes to address the board: from three minutes on two different occasions to four minutes on one occasion. She reluctantly approved the motion, stating she would prefer citizens are allocated five minutes per person instead of four.

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  1. Wow…..sure don’t want to inconvenience the board with citizen comments. Shame on you Al Balog.

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