County commissioners stick with later start

Despite concerns about the cost for security and an inconvenience for county staff, St. Joseph County commissioners appear likely to stick with a later start time for its twice-a-month meetings.
The issue of a 6 p.m. start time was discussed by commissioners during last week’s executive committee meeting after commissioner Kathy Pangle made a motion Jan. 3 to change the commission start times from 5 p.m.
She said delaying the start of commission meetings by an hour might allow more residents to attend without having to leave work early.
Commissioners during their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday are expected to keep the 6 o’clock start time but revisit the issue after three months.

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  1. A later start is better for the average person. How many employers let workers off to attend any governmental meeting without a court order? But, then having attended several meetings, I see the change as show biz politics since most commissioners could care less what the average person thinks.

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