National Day of Prayer observed

State Rep. Aaron Miller last week introduced House Resolution 81 to observe May 4, 2017, as National Day of Prayer in Michigan.
The resolution encouraged citizens “to pray in his and her own manner, seeking God’s blessings on our families and government officials for personal renewal, moral awakening, and a new spirit of harmony across our land.”
Miller called the day “special and one of national contemplation and prayer.” He added that he hoped people would use the designation to reflect and ask God to continue to bless this nation.
The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May.

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  1. Emil Bontrager

    Dear Rep. Miller:

    Separation of church and state. NO state-sponsored religion. NO religious law. You’re stepping into Sharia territory all in the name of your god.

    What are you lacking that you need to foist your religion through legislation?

    National Day of Prayer can be and is already observed by many Christians with many churches. Does your god need the state step in? Mine doesn’t.

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