Three Rivers man arrested on drug charges

A 43-year-old Three Rivers man was arrested this week on drug-related charges.
According to a department media release, officers began following a vehicle after noticing several equipment violations.
The driver parked in an alley in the 600 block of South Main Street, where officers noticed an odor of marijuana potentially emitting from the vehicle. K9 Django was brought to the scene and responded in a manner consistent with drug detection.
Officers subsequently found marijuana and prescription pills inside the vehicle. The suspect was charged with felony drug offenses and traffic violations, according to authorities.

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  1. What percentage of traffic stops in the city are “equipment violations”? I am guessing it is over 75%. That is about as bogus an excuse to pull someone over as you can get. Would love to see a lawsuit as I am sure that not all vehicles with these “violations” are never stopped. Selective enforcement – it’s called an excuse and could very well be profiling.

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