Constantine adopts statement on civility

Members of the Constantine Village Council earlier this month adopted a statement on civility.
The statement was originally approved by the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners.
The statement was drafted by Bob Wertkins, a professor at Western Michigan University, and was amended by public policy committees from both the Sturgis and Three Rivers chambers of commerce to make it more applicable to St. Joseph County.
Three Rivers Health CEO Bill Russell said the measure increases the effectiveness of the meeting process and to date has been adopted by chambers of commerce in Sturgis and Three Rivers, St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners, Three Rivers Health, the city of Sturgis, and Sturgis and Nottawa townships.

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  1. Great to know they’re still wasting their time on crap like this, meant to kill free speech and protect officials from getting their feelings hurt. It’s completely unenforceable since they cannot control public speech at meetings beyond the state-approved rules. But it is another instance of monkey see monkey do as they follow a WMU professor, a hospital CEO, and their big brother city’s Chamber of Commerce. Get those corporations and businessmen controlling every aspect of local government. Great thinking outside the box, guys! Want to try something worthwhile? Follow the rules that already exist, stop hiding behind lawyers, conduct true open meetings with full information access and let the people speak on agenda items after discussion, but before they get voted on, when their input most important. Not before they hear their elected officials positions and reasoning. Not after it’s a done deal.

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