Residents for group against proposed solar farm

Following up on a matter raised July 18, Mendon-area resident Norma Switalski asked St. Joseph County commissioners Tuesday again for their support against a proposed solar farm.
She was one of half a dozen residents from Mendon and Nottawa townships who addressed commissioners two weeks ago about the potential development. A Minnesota-based company over the past few years has acquired more than 550 acres in the two townships with intentions to create the solar farm.
Switalski said the group Informed Group Against the Solar Factory on the Nottawa/Mendon Prairie has formed in light of the potential intrusion.
She also asked commissioners to make a plan regarding the issue and for some form of communication from commissioners, confirming where they stand on the issue.

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  1. Do the reporters that file these stories ever ask WHY? Don’t see what the big deal is personally and curious what they object to. Or is it just that they don’t want that nice field behind their house to have solar panels?

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