Car insurance bill does not pass House vote

State Rep. Aaron Miller last week said he will continue exploring options to lower car insurance rates for all Michigan drivers.

Miller voted ‘yes’ on House Bill 5013, which would guarantee lower car insurance rates for all Michigan drivers – with the greatest savings going to seniors.

The bill, however, did not pass in a vote late last week in the House.

Despite the frustrating result of the vote, Miller said, he will continue to fight for reform. He added that he has talked to countless people frustrated with high insurance costs and, as a result, many have moved to Indiana.

Miller said Michigan has the most expensive auto insurance in the country.

House Bill 5013 offers personal-injury-protection coverage choice, fights fraud, and reins in medical costs. The bill remains in the House.

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One comment

  1. When we the people are the ones that voted in the “group.”that keeps voting NO on this bill go to the poles to vote again.
    We are voting the “group” out of their offices! It seems that the “group “ must be getting huge kick backs from the insurance companies. So as far as I am concerned the “group” just cut there own throats, cause their the ones losing there

    It’s just that simple!

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