Officer involved shooting was justified, according to prosecutor

Two men were charged with attempted murder and drug-related offenses following an incident earlier this week in Park Township.

Prosecutor John McDonough said the St. Joseph County Area Narcotics Unit, along with another deputy, set up an undercover buy for an undisclosed quantity of methamphetamine. The sale was set up to take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday outside a business on US-131 at Heimbach Road. McDonough said one officer was in an unmarked vehicle waiting for the target vehicle, while other officers were waiting a short distance away in marked patrol vehicles.

When the target vehicle arrived, the officer in the unmarked car identified himself verbally and with clearly marked clothing on as a law-enforcement official. The driver of the target vehicle drove slowly past the unmarked vehicle before it abruptly reversed and struck the unmarked police vehicle, McDonough said.

The target vehicle then spun around and sped toward the officer in an attempt to hit him. At this point, according to McDonough, the officer fired one shot into the windshield of the target vehicle, striking the driver in the right shoulder area. With assistance from the other deputies, the two suspects were apprehended.

The injured suspect was treated at Bronson Methodist Hospital and released to the St. Joseph County Jail, where he joined the second suspect.

The officer who fired the shot suffered minor injuries and was treated at Three Rivers Health. McDonough said the officer’s actions were justified under the circumstances.

Charges were filed against Lloyd O’Connor, 35, of Marcellus and Jordan Raymond, 32, of Menominee. They were each charged with attempted murder, possession with intent to deliver meth, and three counts of assaulting, resisting and obstructing a police officer.

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  1. This is all lies by the prosecution and a cover up from the prosecutor and St. Joseph county Sheriff Department, when the truth comes out it don’t be surprised

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