Medical marijuana – TR discussion continues

Three Rivers municipal officials later this month are expected to vote on ordinances related to medical marijuana facilities.

The impending action comes after Mayor Tom Lowry and commissioners conducted a pair of public hearings Tuesday. The proposed ordinances center on the operation and zoning of the facilities within the city limits.

The issue drew considerable discussion and a number of questions remain outstanding. Commissioner Carolyn McNary suggested the commission ask someone with medical expertise to attend a meeting and elaborate on the merits of medical marijuana.

The matter is slated for a vote at the commission’s March 20 meeting.

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  1. No offense Carolyn but the efficacy of marijuana isn’t the issue being discussed. It’s whether this backward thinking city commission can actually come up with a usable ordinance or one that makes it impossible to comply with. My money is on the latter – the city attorney needs the money. My guess is that they do not have the backbone to allow a dispensary so everyone from TR will have to drive to Portage. Not a progressive bone in any of their bodies.

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