Colon attempts to amend village dock ordinance

The end result may not be realized until 2019, but steps are being taken to amend a village ordinance and allow for docks at a municipal park in Colon.

The measure was approved by a 5-2 vote before a crowd of more than 40 people Tuesday.

A group of local residents and business owners has offered to finance, install and winterize public docks at Veteran Memorial Park on Swan Street. The purpose is to give boaters on Palmer Lake a place to park their watercraft and walk uptown for a bite to eat or patronize other businesses.

According to terms of the motion, however, the plan is to first attempt amending the ordinance that currently does not allow docks at that location. Then, the idea of installing two docks will be considered.

Council members Ruth Ann Kuhlmann and Edith Doenges said they still have too many unanswered questions and could not pledge their support at this time.

Interim village manager Tom Tenney said he will work on the amendment over the next month. He said amending the ordinance is a time-consuming process that includes legal review, a public hearing, advertising the matter in a local newspaper and other procedures, per protocol.

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