Mayor says majority of residents support sports complex

Three Rivers Mayor Tom Lowry said he stands behind the claim that the majority of the city’s residents support the idea of a multi-field sports complex.

Lowry on Thursday also lamented the proposal’s latest potential setback, as a group of opponents submitted a petition Wednesday to county clerk Lindsay Oswald. The petition seeks to have voters in the two municipalities decide in November whether the land should remain in Three Rivers or revert to Lockport Township.

Wednesday’s action adds another chapter to an already-lengthy history in the four years since the concept was born.

He chided opponents for overreacting to the magnitude of the proposal and for embellishing its details. Lowry also said their belief that the proposed $4.1 million development will feature towering bleachers, 90-foot poles, games played past midnight and loud music is far from reality.

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  1. As far from reality as the belief that the majority of residents are gun-ho for this.

  2. Generally I believe that anything that comes out of the city commission or city mis-manager tends to be far from reality.

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