Woman injured in lake

An Illinois woman was taken to Borgess Lee Memorial Hospital in Dowagiac Saturday following an incident on Dewey Lake in Cass County.

The Cass County sheriff’s office said the woman, whose name was not given, is from Palos Heights, Ill. She was floating on a tube near the sand bar on Saturday evening when the family pet jumped in the lake and began to struggle. She then went to assist the pet and began to struggle herself.

Her husband then entered the water and attempted to help, but was not able to get her into the boat. Multiple people then came over to help and the female was taken to shore and then taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No personal floatation devices were used.

Assisting on scene, in addition to multiple citizens, were the Cass County road patrol, Cass County marine division, PrideCare Ambulance and Sister Lakes Fire Department.

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