Constantine reviews tax-exemption agreement

Constantine Village Manager Mark Honeysett recently introduced to village council members the final draft of a tax-exemption agreement with Michigan Milk Producers Association.

The council had previously granted provisional approval of a tax-abatement application, pending the execution of an exemption agreement between the village and MMPA.

The abatement is for a new, $6 million facility that will increase the milk processing capacity at MMPA by 1.3 million pounds per day and create 11 new jobs. The abatement is for 50 percent of the investment, or approximately $3 million for a 12-year period.

The village will receive about $41,000 annually, as would MMPA, if the abatement is granted and the village’s share would likely be used for the general and sewer funds.

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One comment

  1. $545,454 per 11 people. If only that tax subsidy translated to increased employee wages. More stench from milk production dumps into the sewer system – the town literally stinks many days – more pollution charges from the TR sewer for added treatment. Expansion into designated residential areas. Takeover and faster decay of residential roads. Increased noise throughout the town from trucks and machinery. There’s a constant loud hum to go with the sickening sweet smell of sewer milk. No such thing as a quiet night. Makes the town so enjoyable. What better use of millions of taxpayer money?
    $41,000 of approximate tax money from the $millions in taxpayer money is only approximate and in other abatement cases has been lowered by a simple trip to the state’s tax review board.
    Here we go again. The council’s not even following its own rules on tax abatement. 12 years is double the abatement policy limit because business calls the shots.

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