Colon prohibits recreational marijuana businesses

Municipal officials in Colon have passed an ordinance prohibiting businesses that grow, produce, market or sell marijuana for recreational purposes.

The door to the marijuana industry in Colon may not be shut completely, however, as council members tabled voting on a resolution to opt-in for marijuana sold for medicinal purposes.

The vote was made to the dismay of more than a dozen people who said the village stands to gain much-needed revenue if it allowed businesses that sold marijuana and marijuana-infused products used for recreational purposes.

The issue has been discussed for several months as resident Brandon Baker is seeking the village’s OK to open marijuana businesses in Colon. Baker owns two empty buildings in town, the former Magic Carpet restaurant on the west end of Colon and the former Magical Creations florist at the opposite side of the village.

Combined, they have been vacant 14 years, he said.

A 2003 Colon High School graduate, Baker said he plans to seek legal guidance and pursue having the matter put on a ballot before the village’s registered voters.

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  1. So once again “evil” weed is judged by people who have no clue to be much worse than the booze that is sold in Colon. I think it’s only fair that you revoke any liquor licenses as alcohol has proven to be a an addictive drug which leads to domestic violence, car accidents, health problems and you wouldn’t want that falling into the hands of children. Oh yeah, it already is and has been for decades. Hypocrites abound.

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