Spring Street project on schedule

Amy Roth, director of Three Rivers Department of Public Services, said the Spring Street paving project is progressing on schedule and is slated to conclude in November.

Roth said the project, which started in July, is a full roadway reconstruction, which includes replacement of watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, roadway, and curb/gutter.

She said the $1.3 million project was necessitated in part by the poor condition of the roadway and curb, as well as a need for new storm and sanitary sewer.

The constriction zone stretches from Swartz Street to King Street.

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  1. Just curious why this wasn’t done when they did the last “complete reconstruction” 6 years ago when the park fenced areas were reconfigured to accommodate the animals that they moved out and never brought back. Meanwhile the last time I drove down Walnut St. I may as well have been on a gravel road. There is a reason Three Rivers population keeps dropping. Piss poor city government.

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