Letter to county commission seeks county prosecutor resignation

A letter signed by several county residents, including State Rep. Aaron Miller, seeks the resignation of county prosecutor John McDonough.

The two-page letter was delivered Monday via email to the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners.

Over the course of the seven-paragraph letter, co-authored by Miller and Colon Township’s Tadd Davis, McDonough was referenced as demonstrating “continual lack of leadership, lack of work ethic and mismanagement of the entire office of the prosecuting attorney.”

The letter continues.

“To be very specific, Mr. McDonough’s habitual lack of attendance at his workplace for the last several years has resulted in a catastrophic backlog of criminal cases that has clogged the entire criminal-justice system,” it stated.

Additionally, it is alleged that the 40-year-old McDonough has failed to provide adequate training and guidance to assistant prosecutors.

In closing, the board of commissioners is asked to seek McDonough’s resignation.

Board chairman Dennis Allen said the letter would likely not be discussed during Tuesday’s county commission meeting, as requested. He did say, however, the letter will appear on the agenda for the commission’s executive committee meeting and likely yield commissioner comments at that time. That meeting is at 8 a.m. July 29 via Zoom.

McDonough’s 2020 salary is $119,000.

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