County commission accepts renovation proposal

St. Joseph County commissioners are relying on the services of architecture firm TowerPinkster to help with the task of renovating the county’s courts building and, county officials hope, improving conditions of the 46-year-old structure.

During Wednesday’s executive committee meeting, county administrator Teresa Doehring provided an update. She said interest rates are around 2 percent, an attractive figure that Doehring said is tough to ignore.

She said the county will attempt to pursue a USDA rural loan development loan, but in order to submit an application for the loan process, a significant amount of information is required that would fall on TowerPinkster to complete.

Doehring said the company has made a $53,000 proposal to the county. If the county accepts the offer, TowerPinkster would invest the time and provide the expertise necessary to complete and submit the application.

Upon further discussion, commissioners agreed to accept TowerPinkster’s offer. Doehring said the application process could take up to 12 weeks to complete.

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