COVID-19 cases rise in St. Joseph County

St. Joseph County health officials have reported an overall rise in COVID-19 cases over the past three weeks, including 31 on Monday, 19 on Tuesday and 12 on Wednesday last week.

Branch-Hillsdale St. Joseph County Health Agency confirmed the increase in identified cases that had its first spike trend Sept. 24. On that day, 20 new cases were reported, the first time since Sept. 5 the number of new, daily cases exceeded five.

Another surge of nearly 20 cases was reported Oct. 1. On Oct. 7, 14 new cases were reported.

One staff member each at Doyle Community Center and Sturges-Young Center for the Arts also tested positive for COVID- 19 in recent days, as has a student at the Jerolene location of the Great Start Readiness Program in Sturgis.

As of Wednesday, the cumulative number of cases for St. Joseph County was 842, with 12 deaths since statistics were first tracked in February.

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  1. Well, with the lack of descent, live right people in this county, its no surprise! I see peasant type people fighting with employees to enter a store with a mask again might as well lock me up cause I’m going to start physically harming the brainless people of this town, so sick of these people! Us decent people have to live through this because of sad individuals is beyond comprehensive understanding to the people who know how to live

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