McDonough pled guilty to bond violation

St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough pled guilty this week in relation to a bond violation.

McDonough appeared Tuesday via Zoom before Kalamazoo County District Court Judge Vincent Westra. The proceeding stems from McDonough’s purchase and consumption of alcohol while on bond for a drunken-driving charge in Lockport Township.

The alleged DUI in May resulted in McDonough’s arrest.

McDonough waived his rights to a hearing Tuesday and instead entered his plea of guilty. In exchange for the plea, Westra agreed to drop a separate bond-violation charge.

The 40-year-old McDonough confessed to having a drinking problem and admitted he feels powerless over the addiction.

Assistant Attorney General Gregory Townsend asked Westra to sentence McDonough to an in-patient treatment program. McDonough’s attorney Michael Hills, however, requested a delay in deference to McDonough’s commitment to an intensive outpatient program and a 12-step sobriety program.

Westra said accountability and treatment are critical, and he plans to hold McDonough to those standards and expectations.

McDonough’s trial on the drunken-driving charge is scheduled to begin Nov. 24.

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One comment

  1. This sounds like what should happen
    To everyone who needs help. Make it mandatory
    To get some kind if help. Either court ordered
    Or on there own and moderate it on a daily
    Basis. People with a problem can NOT do it
    On there own.
    Giving a fine and jail time DOES NOT cure the
    It will happen over and over again. Same with
    Drug addicts.

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