MDOT plans completion of US 131 project

Michigan Department of Transportation officials said they expect to finish the two-year, $20 million U.S. 131 project in Three Rivers this week.

Though the anticipated completion date has long been Nov. 15, MDOT’s Nick Schirripa said he expects the project to be officially completed any day this week.

He said by and large, the project is done, though inspectors have been present to ensure all labor and materials are in compliance with state and federal standards and regulations.

Schirripa said there will be standard, punch-list items, such as landscaping for aesthetics and erosion mitigation, signal-timing adjustment, and pavement markings. Some of those issues will be addressed this year while others will be pushed to next spring.

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  1. Jim & Helen Alverson

    We have come to expect MDOT to chuck common sense and safety in their road projects. Look at their original US-131 Bypass Plan that would have split the village of Constantine’s north and south end access from within in the village and would have created multiple dead-end cul-de-sacs making public safety access a nightmare. At least some of the village leaders fought back. How Three Rivers’ US-131 corridor’s no left turn at every active intersection plan was ever embraced by Three Rivers leaders is beyond belief. How the heck anyone can believe that drivers jockeying for limited physical access to turn-a rounds and switchbacks into oncoming traffic is more safe than a dedicated left turn lane needs an intelligence check. We don’t look forward body count, especially come winter.

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