State Rep. Carra asks for indoor dining to resume

State Rep. Steve Carra is calling on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to allow Michigan restaurants to resume indoor dining.

Whitmer’s administration has banned indoor dining through Jan. 15. Carra said it’s imperative the governor not further extend the restriction.

He said business owners should be allowed to make common-sense decisions best for their workers, customers and business.

Carra noted thousands of Michigan restaurant workers have been unable to work for months, and are people with families to support and bills to pay. He said not all patrons will feel comfortable dining in at this time but they should have the freedom to make that decision for themselves.

Michigan’s nearly 16,500 eating and drinking establishments employ more than 447,000 people statewide.

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  1. And then go out and spread the virus to winnow the chaff, Mr. Carra. So much for “common sense”.

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